Erotic massage for women London
Sensual massage for women London
Tantric massage for women London
Massage for women London
Erotic sensual Tantric Yoni adult massage services for women London UK so please do not enter if under the age of 18
sensual massage for women
erotic massage for women
Erotic Sensual Tantric Massage for Women London
Welcome to my website introducing you to my blissful blend of genuine holistic relaxing therapeutic massage therapy treatments and erotic sensual sexy Tantric Yoni male to female adult massage services combined with intimate sexual fantasy if so desired for discerning ladies,women & for the female partner only within couples.

By way of introduction - My name is Simon and I am a professional straight English male massage therapist masseur in my forties personally based in Wandsworth with my mobile massage service covering all areas of SW London, South-West London, Central London, Greater London, Surrey & Nationwide UK travelling within reasonable distances from London.

Relaxing massage for women London

With all the stresses and strains of modern day life forever increasing many women like yourself appreciate that their own private time should be quality time so why not enjoy exploring your sensuality in the company of an articulate, charming charismatic, confident, eloquent, highly intelligent, positive, very well-endowed, kind caring and passionate professional male massage therapist masseur.

I am also a discerning,quintessentially aware, well-spoken and engaging conversationalist with a positive zest for life who enjoys the charming company of equally discerning ladies and women seeking my massage treatments and sensual services.

I offer a delightful combination of genuine holistic relaxing therapeutic Swedish massage and erotic sensual relaxing Tantric Yoni massage treatments combined with intimate sexual fantasy exclusively for cosmopolitan stylish, quintessentially aware women and discerning ladies who love to have fun enjoying the finer aspects of life.

Did you know that the word stresses spelt backwards is desserts so this is now your precious quality time to de-stress.

There are 1,440 minutes in each day so why not spend an hour or so of your precious time enjoying an erotic sensual relaxing Tantric massage...

erotic sensual massage for ladies

What could be a more satisfying, tempting way of spending your valued time than enjoying an erotic sensual massage to leave you feeling totally satisfied and completely relaxed. If you are the type of woman wishing to feel wanted, nurtured and appreciated either after a long hard day or simply because you believe you deserve that extra special treatment then I am the perfect male massage therapist masseur for you who is caring and generous with a totally unselfish nature.

Many discerning ladies and women crave a more genuine,qualified and professional form of erotic sensual Tantric touch outside an established sexual relationship with a partner which is all about about you and your own needs not my own where you can remain passive during your massage treatment without you feeling the need or obligation to respond in kind with mutual sexual contact towards myself as your massage therapist and masseur.

Despite my playful, naughty nature when offering my erotic sensual massage treatments for women, I am very kind, patient and understanding as well as a conscientious, passionate person with an amazing sense of fun combined with humour.

I enjoy all aspects of my profession and I always genuinely enjoy meeting new ladies for massage as well as my regular clientele.

One could describe me as a true gentleman with a fun playful naughty nature and despite offering erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage with sexy fun and intimate liasons, I am very professional when arranging the massage booking with you.

You may be a more adventurous, playful woman who knows exactly what she wants seeking an erotic sexy sensual massage combined with intimate sexual fantasy if so desired or you may be a more timid, shy, apprehensive, inquisitive lady who is naturally intrigued and curious by my massage services for women.

I give you my assurances that you are not alone in seeking my sexual massage services and I am contacted on a very regular basis by ladies of all ages with varying vocations and backgrounds seeking my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage treatments.

We will discuss all your personal needs and requirements prior to your appointment taking everything slowly to suit your own needs at an unhurried pace and then always keeping within your own boundaries and comfort zones at all times during the actual massage treatment.

Erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage has been so successful for many women who have booked me and intriguingly female massage therapists, masseuses or escorts offering erotic sensual massage will often using the phrase "a girlfriend experience" on their websites for their male clients.

So therefore I guess that I offer "a boyfriend experience" and many women feel so much more safe,secure and comfortable in the knowledge that they are booking my discreet, confidential, private professional massage services for their erotic encounter without romantic or emotional entanglement in a safe, secure environment as opposed to meeting a complete stranger on a dating website or in another similar scenarios.

You are further assured of complete value for money with your massage appointment and time spent in my charming company as I am a fully-trained massage therapist offering holistic relaxing therapeutic Swedish massage.

I do tailor a bespoke massage treatment to suit your individual needs yet there is always a basic blueprint to each and every massage treatment as I always like to combine genuine holistic therapeutic Swedish massage therapies with erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage exploring your erogenous zones with intimacy so you have the best of both worlds.

Erotic sensual massage for women London


No male contact please as my erotic sensual Tantric massage services are for LADIES ONLY 

My apologies gentlemen, but I am a totally straight massage therapist so I politely request NO MALE CONTACT OR COMMUNICATION please under any circumstances regarding any of my massage services.

No male contact includes seeking advice as a mentor, seeking work opportunities as a male massage therapist for women or any other enquiries relating to my services. 

I recommend visiting all my links herewith regarding my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage treatments and especially the What to Expect link so you know what I am offering with massage is conducive with what you are possibly seeking...

It is also important to peruse my What to Expect link regarding my sexual safety aspects.

No male contact also includes contacting me to book my massage services for a female partner or wife as a surprise.


If you are a male partner or a couple perusing my website and seeking my massage services for the female partner then please visit my Couples Fantasy Massage link for details regarding my services for couples before making contact with me.


The ladies who book my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage services and treatment therapies and my usual female clientele tend to be be articulate, attractive, cultured, educated, elegant, eloquent, feminine, intelligent, quintessentially aware, refined, stylish upmarket women & discerning ladies with a naughty nature who can be adventurous and outgoing as well as apprehensive, slightly nervous, prudish or shy ladies seeking an erotic sensual Tantric massage services.

I am in my forties and my usual female clientele tend to be aged between 21 to 65 from all walks of life with varying vocational careers and backgrounds so please be assured you are not alone in seeking my services. I do acknowledge that most the women currently featured within my websites and galleries are aged between circa 23 to 55.

I hope that this does not put off the more mature lady seeking my services as I regularly treat ladies between the ages of 55 to 65. I am more than happy to treat the younger woman, over the age of 18 of course, to the more mature woman in her late sixties or early seventies as I think that age is an abstract concept so it really does not matter as we all have basic needs which we seek to have fulfilled.

I am contacted on an almost daily basis with enquiries and regularly treat women with my massage services so please do not be too apprehensive, nervous or shy in making an initial enquiry.

You may also be assured that are not alone in seeking my massage services for your own peace of mind as I am regularly contacted by many women all with their own reasons for making contact with me for my massage treatments.

You may feel free to make initial contact with me in complete confidence at your personal discretion to ask any questions and without any obligation of making an actual appointment if you just wish to find out more about my services.

I am very sensitive and sympathetic to your needs, feelings and always conscious of the body image issues that some women may have, so I convey my sentiments to any ladies who may be understandably put off or intimated by some of the females who appear in my massage still images, massage videos or any of my photographic life modelling galleries that any of the images within my website and associated galleries are not a pre-indication, pre-requisite or cross-section of all the ladies who regularly book my erotic sensual massage services.

Despite the fact that I have worked with female models and sexy, slim ladies with my own vocational work or images - It does seem very unfair to me that so many women feel the need to have to compere to images of female models or size zero ladies featured in the general, mainstream advertising mediums of internet, television and magazine.

I would also like to state that not every lady who books my services has the same type of figure the ladies featured in the images, videos or my photograph galleries nor is it a pre-requisite for you to look like those women or a benchmark to attain to in order to make an appointment with me so please contact me with the confidence that you deserve.

I hope that you do not feel that you have to compere yourself to any of the ladies featured within my still photographic images or videos as I treat ladies of all shapes and sizes and after all none of us are perfect.

It is just the way it has worked out when filming videos or shooting still images that I have creatively collaborated with younger women or ladies with slim figures as I have not yet had the chance to pose or model with more mature ladies or plus-size women.

Please be assured that I also treat the more mature ladies and my massage treatments are offered to all adult women who wish to experience an erotic, sensual Tantric Yoni massage treatment so you are all cordially invited to make contact with me in complete confidence.

Adult massage for women London


If this is your first time booking the services of a professional male massage therapist or masseur offering erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage services for women, then it is quite understandable if you are feeling a little nervous, apprehensive or shy. I assure you that I am very friendly, professional and totally approachable so please feel free contact me directly in complete confidence via text, email or preferably with a telephone call so we might speak in person.

If you are just curious about my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage services for women, then you are more than welcome to just make contact with me for a friendly chat without any obligation to committing to making an actual appointment.

I am contacted by ladies on an almost daily basis so you may also be reassured that are not alone in seeking my massage services for your own peace of mind and that many ladies just like yourself have contacted me seeking my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage treatments then subsequently making an appointment with me.

Sexy sexual massage for women London


I am personally based in Wandsworth in SW London, SW18, South-West London where I am able to invite you to my private studio apartment for your massage appointment.

I am located equidistantly between East Putney tube station / Putney overground train station on the District Line or Clapham Junction overground train station with a short bus journey between each train station if travelling by public transport.

I also have private, secure car parking if driving to my location and if you are taking a taxi.

My mobile massage covers all areas of SW London, South-West London, South London, North London, East London, West London, Central London & Greater London offering you my massage treatments in the comfort of your own home or hotel. 

I offer mobile services for women covering all areas of Greater London including Balham, Barnes, Barnes Village, Barnes Pond, Battersea, Battersea between the Commons and Northcote Road areas, Belgravia, Canary Wharf, Clapham, Clapham Common, Chelsea, Chelsea Harbour, Chiswick, Dulwich, Ealing, East Sheen, East Dulwich, East Finchley, Earlsfield, Finchley, Fulham, Hammersmith, Hampstead, Highgate, Holborn, Hoxton, Ladbroke Grove, Limehouse, London Bridge, Imperial Wharf (Fulham), Islington, Kensington, Kensington High Street, Kew, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Parsons Green, Putney, Primrose Hill, Roehampton, Shoreditch, Southfields, South Kensington, Southwark, Streatham, Tooting, Wandsworth, Wandsworth Point Pleasant, Wandsworth Park, Wandsworth Town, Wandsworth Common, Wapping, West Hampstead, Wimbledon, Wimbledon Common & Wimbledon Village.

I visit all areas of Surrey including Chessington, Claygate, Cobham, Croydon, Dorking, Epsom, Esher, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Hampton, Haslemere, Kingston-on-Thames, Oxshott, Richmond-on-Thames, Surbiton, Sutton, Twickenham, Weybridge and Woking.


Although I mainly cover all areas of SW London, Greater London and Surrey, I have previously been booked by ladies living in different areas of Hampshire, Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex as well as specific areas including Arundel, Bath Spa, Buckinghamshire, Brighton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Eastbourne (Meads), Essex, Henley-upon-Thames, Hertfordshire, Lewes, Middlesex, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Petersfield, Sevenoaks, St Albans, Tunbridge Wells, Winchester.
erotic sensual relaxing Tantric massage for women


I may tend to repeat myself within this section or indeed the entire website, but as I am offering such a discreet, intimate sensual service with massage treatments respecting all the ladies' personal boundaries then I have to make sure that all areas, angles and aspects are covered for your own assurances, peace-of-mind, safety and comfort.

I give my personal assurances that I offer very discreet,confidential and safe massage services for my discerning female clientele as your appointment with me will always remain very private. I would like to further assure you for your peace-of-mind that I do not retain telephone numbers,emails or keep any records of appointments or home addresses when I visit you and I never contact you unless requested to do so before or after an appointment always respecting your personal privacy.

Although I offer erotic sensual massage combined with intimate sexual fantasy services for women, I am a fully trained professional massage therapist also offering holistic, therapeutic therapy so your personal comfort boundaries, safety & security combined with discreet confidentiality are paramount to us both & are always observed during your appointment.

I personally guarantee your safety,security,confidentiality with discretion assuring you of my best attention at all times...
Erotic sensual Tantric massage for ladies London


"Dear Simon, I was searching online for an erotic sensual massage service exclusively for women and I came across your wonderful website. It is beautifully done and you seem like a charming, playful and intriguing man. This sort of massage has been a long time fantasy of mine which I am eager to fulfill with shameless, self indulgent pleasure"  Emma

"I am totally happy to discover my inner sexual-self and explore what I could create with my new found passion however, I have never considered being pampered by a man booking an erotic, sensual massage. I then discovered your wonderful sensual erotic female-friendly massage website coupled with all your life modelling links and was impressed with your artistic and creative outlook on life. I was turned on and aroused by the way you articulated your thoughts, feelings having found your intelligence appealing as well as your images. The words on your page made sense having resonated with me so I have decided to be open to the idea of allowing myself to learn something sensual and special. Enjoying an erotic experience with you is tempting as I think I would feel totally comfortable with you allowing me to enjoy it."  Amanda

Please peruse all my other links for more details and visit my Testimonials link for more genuine cool comments from ladies

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